Therapy for

Do you:

  • Feel lonely and long to make connections with others?
  • Feel awkward or become easily embarrassed in social situations?
  • Feel emotionally or physically drained after a busy day or social event?
  • Prefer one on one conversations over a group conversation?
  • Wish you weren’t so quiet?
  • Long to make friends or connect with others?
  • Feel alone in a room full of people?
  • Feel invisible?
  • Find yourself always taking care of others?
  • Constantly overthink social exchanges or encounters?

If you answered “yes” to some or most of these questions…

you are likely an introvert. You’ve likely been heard most of your life to “speak up”, “don’t be so serious”, or the dreaded question, “Why are you so quiet?”. Essentially you have been told to be more extroverted.

The expectations of an extroverted society do not help and have likely made you feel worse about yourself. In fact, it can make you feel like something is inherently wrong with you. You start to avoid social situations more and more. You feel quite lonely, awkward, embarrassed, and long for deep connections with others.

On the flip side, you likely have a very rich internal world and think deeply and existentially. How do I know? I am a natural born introvert who spent years trying to figure out how to fit in to our extroverted world.

What makes Mindwell so different?

I understand the unique needs and struggles of introverted people because, well, I am an introvert too. I will help you learn how to be your Self in a world of extroverts. By learning how to work with your traits instead of resisting or trying to change them, you will have more energy, less anxiety, and make the personal connections you’ve long for so you can live the life YOU were meant to live.

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