Therapy For
Athletes & Artists

How is therapy for athletes different?

Sports Psychology seeks to understand the impact that psychological factors have on physical performance, and the emotional influence that sports have on the athlete and family. When added to a training program, Sports Psychology can help athletes prevent problems and overcome difficulties when they occur.

In this way, Psychologists specializing in this field assist athletes to achieve peak performance goals while maintaining their competitive edge. This mind body approach helps performers, athletes, and their families with their overall emotional health and development.

Therapists specializing in athletes and performers also help coaches and parents provide better support.

How I Can Help

During my child and teen years, I (Natalie Brooks) trained with Olympic coaches and athletes as a competitive figure skater. My direct experience in the elite worlds of figure skating and dance have created a personal understanding of the unique pressures experienced by elite athletes and performers.

My personal understanding and background in figure skating and dance allow me to offer a very personal and unique approach. I have worked with many top athletes, television/film actors, and performing artists seeking eating disorder recovery. I literally know what it’s like to be in the spotlight and under the pressure that comes with it.

Together, we will work together to identify the source of the problem and help you understand what is going on in your mind and body. We will create an individualized plan that will help you develop mind-body strategies to tackle performance anxiety, undo bad habits during practice or rehearsal, and create a plan that will allow you to access your true potential when it counts.

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