Therapy for
Eating Disorders

Embrace the journey to freedom

For anyone with an eating disorder, the decision to start treatment is a difficult one. But life with an eating disorder means that regular daily functioning in school, work, and relationships are often interrupted by feelings of self-loathing, preoccupation with weight and shape, intrusive thoughts about calories, and paralyzing self-doubt.

Eating disorders are serious and complex and require specialized treatment in order to achieve and sustain life long recovery from the disorder. There are many factors that contribute to the development of an eating disorder – genetics, environment, family dynamics, temperament, trauma, body image, culture, and social media. While it is important to understand how these factors contribute to eating disorders, it is imperative to develop new skills and patterns.

Recovery takes time and patience and cannot necessarily be achieved by a prescribed number of days in treatment.

Eating disorders do not develop overnight so it is impossible to expect a lifelong recovery in a number of days or weeks. Comprehensive treatment and care coordination are imperative to effective and successful outpatient eating disorder therapy, and I do not believe in a “one size fits all approach”.

With empathy and understanding, we will work together to create an individualized plan based on your specific needs that will help you:

  • Focus on emotionally driven behaviors and the inner conflicts that motivate these behaviors
  • Identify maladaptive eating behaviors and learn new skills to modify these behaviors, opening new possibilities in all areas of life
  • Explore thoughts and feelings about body image, and how these thoughts and feelings influence your mood, self-concept, and participation in or avoidance of daily activities
  • Learn strategies to increase your comfort with your body, including corrective thinking, mindfulness, and problem-solving to cope with distressing situations
  • Identify appropriate healthcare professionals to create a comprehensive and effective treatment team, which will ensure that you receive the best care possible (this often includes a primary medical doctor, psychiatrist, and dietitian)
  • Explore the dynamics within the family, understanding how the eating disorder impacts relationships, and learning effective ways to support recovery
  • Family or Couple’s Therapy if indicated
  • Learn to tolerate and manage difficult feelings in an effort to live more authentically, and free of your eating disorder – indefinitely
  • Uncover your authentic Self separate from your eating disorder

You are so much more than your eating disorder. My goal is to help you identify your true Self outside of the disorder and uncover the type of treatment that will lead you to lifelong recovery from your eating disorder. As human beings, we are unique individuals who respond differently to various interventions. I invite you to embrace the journey to freedom. I will walk with you every step of the way.

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